Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides protection in respect of legal costs and expenses, as well as court awards for a wide range of employment practice violations including unfair dismissal or discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation. It also covers questionable or unfounded allegations which can be just as costly to defend

In recent years there have been a number of new laws and directives focussed on employee protection including the Employment Act 2002 as well as changes to the Race Relations Act, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Sex Discrimination Act, not to mention various EU directives.

As a direct result of this, as well as some high profile cases, the potential for actions raised by dissatisfied employees against their employer has increased dramatically. We now live in a litigation-conscious society in which employees are far more aware of their rights. If they feel these rights have been breached or undermined by their employer then they are prepared to take legal action.

What is the difference between Employment Practices Liabilty and Directors and Officers Liability?

EPLI covers the whole company or organisation, whereas directors and officers liability covers only certain individuals within the company. Employment law claims are generally made against the company as a whole, although on occasions individuals may also be pursued.